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Java Mark is the ultimate in user-friendly coffee tech.

Our goal? Help you to #CustomizeEachCup. There is an increasing demand for coffee art everywhere – and we want to make it easy, accessible and personalized for businesses and consumers everywhere. Our founder, Joanna Redfern, drew inspiration from a trip to Ireland where she noticed a beautifully-placed shamrock on the coffee foam of her delicious Irish Coffee. Since then, she couldn’t stop thinking about how she could bring customizable designs of her dreams to every cup of coffee. In 2014, she started the ball rolling on making her dreams come true – and the rest is history!

Java Mark is designed to bringing beautiful designs to life on top of any beverage with foam, crema or whipped cream. From caffeinated drinks like lattes and cappuccinos to kid-friendly options like hot chocolate – your cup is yours to decorate.

Whether you’re surprising your partner with your expression of love, practicing your daily affirmations, or branding a specialty coffee with your logo to serve to your client, Java Mark makes it quick, easy, and fun.

Welcome to Java Mark – make an impression, leave an impression and bring a smile to your world.